Hey Tory Lanez, thanks for more new music for the fans. I must say, he stays consistent with his music dropping, even though you may not hear the songs on the radio or anything. Also, he’s a really good artist, that of course provides some good eye candy for the ladies. Hot off the release of his collab track with Bryson Tiller “Keep In Touch”, Lanez is preparing to give fans even more.

The Toronto Rapper/Singer took us jet setting for the “Kendall Jenner Music” video. The video involves lots of flexing and bossly activities that of course us normal folks don’t partake in. I’d love to hit my Schmoney Dance on the tarmac at an Airport while my private plane waits on me to get done (soon….. I’m claiming it). Either way it goes, the video gives the people what they want and it fits the title of the song perfectly. When you think of Kendall Jenner, what do you think of?! Me….. I think of money and living your best life and that’s exactly what Tory has going on in this video.

Aside from releasing this video, and the collab with Tiller (which was like something that we’ve all been waiting for), Lanez is preparing for his album titled Love Me Now. I also heard that he is working on a Spanish project…. that should be interesting! He’s already Hawt so just imagine him speaking a little Spanish too…… Lawd Ladies, get in here. LOL

Check out the video to “Kendall Jenner Music” below and let me know if you thought it was as Bossy and Classy and Lanez described it.

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