Oh, heeeey La’Britney hey!! Y’all, I’m so excited to see her making moves, I’m talking major ones. She’s super talented though, so I’m not surprised and wouldn’t expect anything less from her since she’s a hustler. Throughout all this move making that she’s been doing, she was able to drop yet another video for the fans. The newest song/video is titled “Celebration” and I’ve got a feeling that this is just the beginning of the celebrations for this triple threat.

The video for “Celebration” is simple but lit. I mean who doesn’t love a good ole house party?! No drama, good music, good drank, great tree, and freak dancing on the wall….. *deep sighs* take me back! LOL Sorry, I got side tracked by that daydream a little but y’all got the point. Of course the video features La’Britney’s sister, amongst others just having themselves a good time.

I just love her energy to be honest. She just gives me real Bish vibes and I like Real Bishes! (Real recognize real) I also am excited to see what the future has in store for this Singer, Rapper, Dancer….. and Bad Bish! As of right now, you can catch her adding that Detroit flavor to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. She will also be opening up for Teyana Taylor, alongside Jeremih, here in Detroit this Friday. I can’t wait for this show since I was surprised with tickets (I’ve got amazing friends but that’s another story).

Did you see La’Britney’s LHHH debut?! How do you think she will interact with the cast?! I feel like she gonna have to get real Detroit with someone on the show. Are you going to the show on Friday?! If so, be sure to get there on time cause she’s performing first.

Check out “Celebration” video below!

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