So we’ve been jamming to Christian “King” Combs‘ “Love You Better” for a second now and its only right that visuals were released for the song. I would consider this to be a good Summer song, it’s a vibe. Maybe it’s because of the beat, since it was borrowed from Case‘s “Touch Me”. It takes me back to the 90’s when it was all good…. *deep sighs* I might be showing my age but whatever! LOL Check out the video below.


Of course King Combs was just a baby back then but I loved the old school house party vibe of the video. I remember when house parties used to be a good time….. LOL See what this song/video does to me, just makes me reminisce of the good ole days! Anyway, back to the story. So the video features Chris Brown of course since he did lend his vocals to the track. DJ Khaled was also there, in charge of getting the party calmed down outside and fine azz Justin had to make a cameo in little bro’s video. Combs and Brown pull up to the party in Khaled’s 1 of 1 convertible Maybach and the party really gets started.

Does this song give you good feelings like it does me?! How you feeling the video if you saw it already or come back and let me know when you’re done watching it.

P.S. He is really a mini Diddy…. its crazy!

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