Ummmm yes you read that headline properly and don’t worry, I was just as confused as you all are so let’s be confused together. According to TMZ, Stevie J and Faith Evans have applied for their marriage license out in Las Vegas. Now they allegedly filed for this marriage license just yesterday but sources are saying that the duo have already made it official. Do you think this is forreal?! Something says publicity stunt all over this to me but we will just have to wait and see.

To my knowledge, Stevie J and Faith hadn’t even been dealing with one another. I remember that they tried the relationship thing out last year but it didn’t really work out. I also remember hearing stories of Evans dating JadaKiss earlier this year but I didn’t believe that one either. I just don’t feel like either one of them would cross those lines, but, we never know. As far as Stevie J goes, we all see that that man be out here thottin and boppin, I don’t even think he deserves Faith. This is why I don’t really believe this marriage ploy.

I feel like this is all a publicity stunt to bring attention to this new project they have coming out. These celebs will do anything to be relevant and have a little bit of spotlight. However, if that is not the case and there is true love here, then Congrats are in order. Especially because the rumor is that the two already traded vows last night in their hotel room. No time wasted there, Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Jordan. Check out a snippet below of the project that the two have been working on. It’s titled “A Minute”.

What do y’all think? Think this is the real deal or another stunt?!

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