Oh hey Ciara, I would say long time no see but we see you all the time out here just living your best life. We haven’t heard any new music from her in a while though so I can say, “long time, no hear from”. Welp, the wait is over and Ci Ci said, “Baby Future and Sienna told me to remind y’all niccas”. LOL, She didn’t really say that, I just feel like that’s what she was thinking. I mean seriously, did you catch all them Hawt Azz pics she was dropping on Instagram?! We should have known she was about to drop something!

Ciara came back and she wasn’t playing with us. We can always count on the Atlanta singer to give us something that we can dance to, especially cause she likes to dance herself. Ci dropped a new song titled “Level Up” but she couldn’t just leave a song without visuals, so of course we got the video too. Let me just say that as soon as this song came on, I had to get a little bounce in. Y’all should know by now that I’m a twerker and this song is perfect for it. I mean it’s paying homage to “F**k it up, f**k it up…. throw that azz in a circle….. go best friend” so you already know that this song is gonna have the clubs rocking.

As far as the video goes, well I’m sure you have an idea of how it goes. I mean it’s Ciara, and she can dance her azz off, and the song is meant to do just that soooooo…… I’ll let you check it out below. Let me know if you’re feeling it! Do you miss music from CiCi? I kind of do, but I’m enjoying watching her live her best life regardless of what she’s doing. She will be preparing for an album, which she will be releasing from her very own label Beauty Entertainment. She say’s that wants to “make the world dance again” and I am here for it all!

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