Oh, hey Kash Doll……… she’s back!! If you’ve been following the rapper, then you know that she’s been going through some legal battles and hasn’t really been able to drop music like that. Well, it looks like all those legal woes are behind her and to celebrate, she went to the vault to give the fans something to hold them over until we can get an album. Have you checked out the new music yet? If not, you can listen below!


There are a few things that the Detroit rapper wanted to make clear, one being that The Vault is not her album, it’s simply a mixtape. Also, Kash Doll wants y’all to understand that she is the original doll and with that being said, go ahead and throw a Sr. behind her name so y’all can know who the original was. You can now address her as Kash Doll Sr. LOL! Let me have a real moment with y’all, I never really listened to her music. I heard one or two songs but it wasn’t something that was like a go to. After listening to this mixtape however, I realize that I’ve been sleeping on her dopeness. I think I just like all that shit that she talks….. I’m here for it all!

On top of dropping this mix tape, Kash Doll stays on the road doing performances for her Kash Bratz (her fan base). She also dropped the video for “Let’s Get This Money” which features Payroll Giovanni and Bryan Hamilton. You can check out a snippet of the video below as well. Now let me tell you my faves from The Vault cause I got a few. Y’all know I like to twerk somethin and “Poppin” had me going. I also enjoyed “Dancin” (remix) feat. Rick Ross. I actually enjoyed this whole mixtape so I’m gonna go ahead and let y’all check it out. If you’ve already listened, what songs are you feeling the most?! You think Kash Doll got next?!



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