Oh, hey Shiggy…… we appreciate this dope dance that you have created, however, this song “In My Feelings” by Drake has officially driven everybody nuts! If you aren’t familiar with who Shiggy is, he is an Instagram comedian, that’s also got some moves. He boasts over 1M followers on the social media site and he has created a frenzy with his #DoTheShiggy challenge. Have you tried it yet? Are you going to try it?! See some of my fave videos below!

First off, I’d like to say that I hope Drizzy is cutting Shiggy a check cause ummmmm….. he got the song rocking! I mean I know that the song probably would have already been popular, however, the comedian made it that much more popping. I mean this guy has some of the GOAT’s doing this dance (Will Smith‘s was EPIC) and half of social media joining in as well. Hell, even Drake himself had to try to bust the move at one of his concerts.

I’ve spent waaay too much time under this hashtag and watching videos. I’m trying to convince my kiddies to do it with me but they think I’m super Uncool for some reason (I low key think they know that I will kill that ish and they don’t wanna get embarrassed) so I’ll have to convince one of my girls to do it with me. I’ve found a few faves and I will post them below for you to check them out. If you did the challenge, tag me in it so I can see you kill it (don’t tag me if you ain’t hitting that ish). Do you plan on doing it?! Who was your fave? Mine was a tie between Kirk Franklin and Diddy‘s Son Christian Combs and that FIIIINE Dentist.

Β  LaLa was lit but I can’t stop staring at this butt. It’s too Kim K. ish for me.

Kirk Franklin and his Wife hit it and added a little gospel in that thang! Yes God!

This Dentist is a great piece of eye candy and his moves aren’t too shabby.

Will Smith had some great scenery for his challenge…. inspired by girly below!

I love how Russ fell back and let Ciara get her shine on. Anniversary Tings!

Christian Combs and friend Kills It!! He dances like his Dad did back in the day.

Artist Dani Leigh killed it too!

I love how C tha God and DJ Envy are in touch with the culture. The cool uncles!

This was too damn cute to NOT share!

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