Now if you have been living under a rock, then that means that you have not listened to Drake‘s new album Scorpion. It’s time to come from under that rock, download one of those music apps and get to listening if you haven’t heard the album already. Drake actually has some hits on there, I think Pusha T might’ve pushed the right buttons to make Drizzy come out swinging. I’ll admit, I went through all 2,984 songs looking for a response to Push but I couldn’t find anything. I did however, get the answers to some of the questions that I had. I can’t believe he was keeping secrets like this from me, we supposed to be cooler than this! I mean we go back to Degrassi! LOL

We all know that Pusha T. was the one that brought this secret baby back to the light. It was rumored before that Drake had a baby on the way with an ex porn star, but he wasn’t claiming it….. or at least publicly. I remember seeing the story a while back on TeaTenders but I honestly couldn’t believe it. Since the Canadian rapper never came out and said anything about it, I just kinda forgot about it. Well he decided to break his silence on two of his tracks (or at least that’s all I caught) from the album, one titled “March 14” and the other was “Emotionless”.

“March 14” pays homage to Michael Jackson a little as Drake raps about finding out that the baby was actually his. He raps, “I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not a maybe. That shits in stone, sealed and signed. She not my lover like Billie Jean but the kids mine. Sandy used to tell me all it takes in one time and all it took is one time.” He goes on to talk about being a single parent and how he is embarrassed by the fact that he used to talk about his parent’s relationship and now he is damn near in the same boat. He also talks about only meeting the baby once since he’s been born and he raps about the rocky relationship between him and the child’s mother. Hopefully they can get things reconciled and normal….if for anybody, the baby of course. Check out the track below.

Listen to “March 14” here! 

Drizzy also mentioned the baby in a track titled “Emotionless” which is sample from Mariah Carey‘s “Emotions”. He wants us to know that he was not hiding his kid from the world, he was hiding the world from his kid. Hmmmmm, that sounds like a line a guy tells his chick when she asks why he never tells anybody about them or her. LOL Nah, I ain’t here for it! You can listen to that track below as well.

So Congrats are in order for Drake on his new little one. You got this and you will be a great Dad. Next time, I don’t wanna have to find out like this cause we are better than that. LOL

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