And another one *Biggie voice*! Hey y’all I got a new place for you all to try out in the city. Before I start though, have you all been checking out some of the places that I have posted? If so, comment under the posts and let me know what you thought or tell me what you got! Interact with me in the comments or on my social media…. my Instagram is @Oh.HeyGayla and my Twitter is @Oh_HeyGayla. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, lets get to it!

This was a date night idea and I’m always glad to have someone pick the places to go. I’ve passed this restaurant a few times but I never got a chance to stop in. I said I wanted to go eat somewhere new, and this was suggested so I changed clothes….. and go! LOL (I’m corny but its hilarious to me). The weather was perfect this night (tho the restaurant was freezing) and it was located Downtown so it was lots of things going on.

Walking into Louie’s Lounge had me thinking that I was walking into something fancy. I kind of felt under dressed…… until I actually got inside. The ambiance was nice inside of the restaurant, though it was kind of confusing for me. It was like a sports bar mixed in with a fancy restaurant….. weird but whatever! I’ll let you check it out and be the judge for yourself.

I have to admit, I was not interested in the service at all, and I tipped to show that. Fun Fact: I tip based off of the service that I receive, not because of “aaaawwww be nice”. When we were seated, we waited at least 10 minutes for someone to even come greet us. The young lady that showed up just wanted to advise that she was NOT our waitress, but she wanted to come take our drink order and let us know that our waiter would be with us shortly. Our server didn’t do much of anything to be honest, he brought out the drinks and took the food order….. THAT’S IT! He didn’t come back to check on us to see if we needed anything the whole time (he didn’t bring the food out), he wasn’t as friendly as I would have liked, and overall the service was a C+ (I give it the plus because I really liked the first lady that was helping us).

I ended up ordering…….. y’all already know it was something basic! The menu was already set for dinner and nothing on there looked like “Gayla, come eat me”. Everything was more like, “now girl you know you ain’t gonna eat this” LOL. I actually depended on the Hubbs to try something new, that way I could tell y’all about it but he played it safe too. We both went with burgers, except he went healthier and got a Turkey Burger. Mine was appetizing by the way, right along with the Rosemary and Garlic fries to set it off. I did wan to try the Salmon but I just started eating it and it doesn’t taste the same everywhere and I wasn’t about to play with $26! LOL Besides, you can never go wrong with a burger.

Overall, this was a nice restaurant to try out. Would I go back?! Probably not, I just wasn’t feeling the vibes in here but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go check it out. If you’ve been before, let me know what you thought! Check out some more pics and a cool video that I got when I went exploring to find the restrooms.


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