Oh, hey Drake….. we see you getting prepared to release some fire upon us. Just know, I’m ready….. if ain’t nobody else ready, I for sure am! Have y’all seen his track listing to the album yet?!! If so, you can’t say that this doesn’t have you excited!

I wasn’t really anticipating this album release from Drake until I saw this track listing today. This man out here dropping double discs n shit!! Like a Michael Jackson album…. or take it further back, like a double sided cassette tape! He’s been giving us bangers such as “Nice for What” and “I’m Upset” but I’m sure that there is way more in store.

People been worried about Drake getting Meek’d since he did not respond to Pusha T.’s last diss record but, I got a feeling he might have some tricks up his sleeve….. or shall I say on this album! The album is set to drop tonight and we will just have to see what’s up. I’ve noticed that there aren’t many features, however, the ones that are on there are MAJOR (at least 1 is for sure). Check out the track list below and try to ready yourself for what’s about to drop!

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