Oh, hey Cardi B. and Offset……. and Congrats to you all again. We’ve been handing out congrats since we found out about the baby and now we can pop some bottles for the newlyweds. Cardi made the announcement via her Twitter account, and while she doesn’t owe us anything from her private life, I’m glad that she decided to share this news with the fans.

For some reason, I don’t think that Cardi B. voluntarily shared this information with the fans though. Something tells me that this info was about to be leaked and she decided to beat whomever it was to the punch. Just based on her caption when she posted the announcement, it didn’t seem like something she was overjoyed to share with the fans…. which is fine. I think that social media has allowed too much access to celebrities personally. I liked when they had a little bit of mystery to them and you couldn’t just reach out to them through an app. Now, they really don’t have much privacy and what they do have, there is always some weirdo looking to get all up in and “leak” something.

Cardi says that her and Offset got married super untraditionally, hell, they didn’t even have rings. They just wanted to enjoy each other and that moment, without all of the judgement and opinions from basically the whole world. I mean honestly, just remember how most of y’all acted when y’all found out Offset was cheating and that she was staying. Y’all damn near lost ya minds so just imagine how y’all would have acted if you knew about a wedding!

Either way it goes, I respect their decision in wanting to keep some aspects of their life private. I know that the real wedding will be LIT AF and I’ll be waiting for my invitation at the do’! Check out her open letter to the fans (and haters) below.



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