Heeeey La’Britney Hey!! First off, lets start the post off by wishing this baddie a very Happy Birthday! We see you giving out gifts on your day and we really appreciate it. We been waiting on this video for “FWU” to drop since you started giving us teasers on Instagram. I know personally, I was thirsty for this video….. I mean, the girl is Dope!


If you aren’t familiar with who La’Britney is, I introduced my readers to her back in March when she dropped her hit song “Actin Funny” featuring Kash Doll. Don’t get it twisted though, she’s been holding it down in this music game for a minute and I feel like it’s her time now! The Detroit native is super talented, not only does she sing but she can dance her ass off and……. She Got Barz!

This video for “FWU” is hella sexy….. or maybe its just La’Britney, she adds that sex appeal to anything. I love how she kept it very “D Girl”-ish for this video…. those custom Cartier glasses were Hawt (you gotta be from the D to know how we feel about our “Yays”). I also like how she eats with her friends, always making sure they are included. Her best friend Della made a cameo in the video to showcase those dance moves, and amp up the sexy that much more. I won’t talk to much about it though, I will let y’all see for yourselves!

Are you hip to La’Britney yet or you still sleeping?! Watch the video below and let me know what you think about it….. and her!

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