Oh, hey Drake, we see that you want all the smoke when it comes to this rap beef behavior. I mean, I guess y’all forgot when he told us that he was really with the shits…. or maybe y’all thought it was a game. Well, me being a Drake fan, I knew that he was gonna come with something….. that of course would not disappoint. I just didn’t think that he would drop a response that fast. I know y’all have heard it already, but if not, you can listen below!

When Pusha T went on the Breakfast Club and was doing all that talk of wanting all the Drake smoke, I knew it was coming. Even Charlamagne Tha God called it and said that he would like to see this rap battle. He also said that Kanye would catch some of that smoke and he was absolutely correct. Drake came with bars….. he was hungry and ready to eat some shit up, you can’t even front like he didn’t come hard. Then he amped up the petty and took to his IG to post an invoice for Pusha T’s career revival, even tagging him in it. That’s that light skin in him, he couldn’t just drop them bars and go, he had to add a topping to seal the deal. LOL


I’m here for a good rap battle, and that’s all it should remain is a rap battle/beef. You need a good one to call you out every now and then and keep you on your toes. I wanna know if Drake is gonna hit him with another one though. I got a feeling that the petty party is just getting started and I got my popcorn ready for the show. Did you get a chance to check out the record yet? What were your thoughts? If you didn’t get to hear it, you can listen below!

“Don’t push me when I’m in album mode/ You’re not even top 5 as far as your label talent goes”……. You gotta respond Pusha T, its a must!!

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