Oh, hey new dining options in the D! I am always happy to find out about new places located in the city to eat at….. even though I’ll probably stick to what I know as far as menu wise, I like new scenery. The coolest thing about this place is that it was located inside of the old firehouse Downtown and they kept a few of the pieces to still make it feel authentic. I also didn’t know that it was a hotel located inside of the firehouse, but I heard it was fairly new. Well, lets get into it….. the place that I visited this time was called The Apparatus Room. This place is trendy, the decor was cute and the staff was super friendly.

I’ve got to admit, I had a hard time finding the restaurant because there is no sign outside and I didn’t know that it was located inside of the hotel. When I arrived, I was a bit on the nervous side because I’ve heard mixed reviews about this place. Luckily, my date for the day (hey Desiree) had made reservations because clearly, they are highly recommended. I arrived shortly after my friend but I was advised of a weird seating arrangement that they had for us. It was all sorted out before I got there and when I arrived, we were seated a table for two that included some big comfy chairs. These chairs might have been overly comfortable, like that old school couch in your basement that sucks everybody in when they sit down LOL.  The menu was…… interesting, y’all should know by now, I’m with all the basic ish when it comes to food.


So I ended up ordering a Burger and Fries…… LMAO Don’t judge me but everything else on that lunch menu looked like something that I didn’t understand, or something that I was going to waste. I leave the trying of new things to my friends that accompany me on these outings, that is what they are there for! Speaking of, my friend decided to try something new, but we suggest googling anything that looks unfamiliar to you cause…. we didn’t do that. She is actually a Vegetarian and ended up ordering a high end Bologna sandwich, in which she had to end up sending back. *Note: Mortadella is Bologna…. Okurrrr*


I’m not a dessert girl but the waitress brought the menu over and we couldn’t decline. We decided to go with the Chocolate Tart, which was a sea salt caramel, on top of shortbread. It was different but good, of course I’ll just stick with my Chocolate Chip Cookies or Apple Dumplings tho.

The decor inside the restaurant is what I liked the most. We sat right next to the fire pole, only we don’t have those pole skills so no stories to tell here! The light fixtures were very unique, I took lots up pics of them like a weirdo. Overall, it was a good experience and of course I will go back for Breakfast or Dinner. I would definitely recommend visiting for any occasion if you haven’t been already.


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