Y’all ready for another good food place?! Let’s get into it then! If you are a beer lover, this place is definitely something that you must try. Happen to be in the Downtown area and looking to try something new?! Try Granite City Brewery, guarantee you will find something that you like on the menu.


So this is actually my third time going to this restaurant, but the first two times I came at night. I wanted to switch it up because the service was kind of slow those nights that I went. Maybe it was my fault for going close to closing time so that also could have been a factor. So I decided to visit during the day, and what do you know, I was right on time for Happy Hour. Now I’m not a drinker but seeing that $5 food menu made me do the watusi. I’m always balling on a budget and I was able to go crazy this time! LOL

I went with my Business Bestie and we decided to sit at the bar. The space was so open with lots of space, it would be perfect for a little gathering. They also have a patio soooo….. I gotta go back and experience that. Now y’all already know by now that I am picky so I knew what I was ordering before I got there. I’d like to consider myself a “Boneless Buffalo Wing Connoisseur” and Granite City has thee absolute best ones that I have tasted hands down. Of course fries go with wings, but my fries came with three different dipping sauces, which included a Bacon Ketchup. It was interesting to say the least but y’all should be proud that I even tried those dips! LOL Now I know that I said that I wasn’t a drinker, but I couldn’t resist a $5 drink (I told y’all I was going crazy). I ordered something called the “Flying Monkey” and it was really good but I’m such a lightweight, I was tipsy by the middle of the glass. SMH

My BB ended up getting the Pepperoni Flatbread (which I told her she was gonna need something else but nooooo she didn’t wanna listen! LOL) and a beer. I think I kind of forced the beer on her cause I’m not a beer drinker and I’m like, “hey please get a beer so that I can include that in the post”. The bartender gave her two samples so that she could know which to pick (yea our Bartenders were Bomb too) and she ended up going with the Admiral Beer.

The whole staff was super friendly and helpful, the chef even brought the food out himself…. and provided a little eye candy *cough cough* Ladies. Overall, it was a way better experience than my night time visits, although they weren’t that bad. Of course I will be back to visit that outdoor patio, and possibly try something new on the menu. That’s a Strong maybe though! LOL

Have you ever eaten here? If so, what’s your favorite dish? If not, you gotta try it and let me know!

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