Oh, hey Met Gala….. we, or at least I been waiting for you at the do’. I’m always excited to see who’s wearing what when it comes to this event. I want to see who did too much and who didn’t do enough. This year, I screamed at few styles….. I want to give them my Yaaasss Award. I’ll be handing these out whenever there is a fashion or Red Carpet event. Let’s get to it cause it was something MAJOR that took place on the carpet!

The theme for this year’s Met Gala was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imagination” and people seemed to go all out for the theme. I noticed lots of crosses on clothing and jewelry….. some of the costumes were a little too much for me though. The highlight of the night is that rapper 2 Chainz proposed to his long time girlfriend on the carpet…. of course she said YES!! Congrats is in order for them. Check out some of the Fashion below and let me know what your fave look was.


Now we can get into the Fashion!!



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