Now that Coachella is over and people are still coming down from that Beychella high, I wanna talk about the Fashion for this festival. This two weekend music and art festival brings out everybody from everywhere and they come to show of their Coachella’s best fashion. I went stalking in the hashtag #Coachella and I damn near lost my mind with all the cool ish I was seeing. I was most impressed with the body confidence that I was seeing, I mean people let it all hang out…. literally! It’s safe to say that I need to be at ‘Chella next year flexing!!

When it comes to Coachella, it seems that a lot of the people went for the “show out” look. I mean, you gotta find a way to stand out from all of those people, besides, you never know who you may run into. I also heard it was extremely hot so I can definitely see the reason for the lack of clothes worn during this festival.

It was funny because I noticed a lot of ladies referring to the festival as “Hoechella”…. meaning you can dress as skimpily as you like, with no judgement at all….. kinda like Halloween! Either way it goes, I was here it for it all. Lace jumpsuits, Metallics, Flower Headbands, Unicorn themes, Pasties and Panties (not this look), and of course a cool bandana accessory (used to help protect your face from all the dust since Coachella is technically held in the desert). Check out some of my Fave looks below!!

P.S. I need Rihanna to headline ‘Chella next year…. so that I can make my appearance and show all the way out!!

Blogger @TaymPierce
Loved this look on @MrsTamekaTillman 
Comedian and IG Personality @TheBSimone2
She used to be The Game’s assistant but she’s DOPE @LeauxSteez
Come through with the Fringes, Flowers and Melanin! Fashionista @Aalona
I didn’t love this look but I love Rih….. I know she was hot under all this though!
Makeup artist, IG Personality, and my BFF in my head… all the way from Hawaii @BretmanRock
Angela Simmons been showing off that Built not Brought body and I’m here for it all!
Fine Azz Teyana Taylor
Rapper and Reality Star Chanel West Coast
Amber Rose… she said “Hoechella”
Oh, Hey Bae!!
Give em back views!

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