Oh, Hey Meek and most importantly, welcome home! After fighting that crooked system, Philly rapper Meek Mill can finally take those gloves off. He was released today and of course everybody and their momma was ecstatic. I mean, he has had so much support while being locked up and so many people went to war for him! Just go check out the love being shown right now to him on social media…. this is something like a big deal!

Comedian Kevin Hart was one of the people that showed lots of support for Meek. Hart spoke with Mill often while he was locked up and kept the fans updated on the status of the rapper’s release. Today, the comedian was actually one of the first people to announce Meek Mill’s release. Of course that sent fans into a frenzy!

Meek of course had to leave in style, taking a Helicopter from the jail to his hometown Philadelphia. He found time to take some pics with fans but you could tell that it was kind of overwhelming to him (all you saw were cameras flashing and heard yelling). The rapper even made it out to the Sixers game, where he made everyone’s night and rung the ceremonial bell to kick things off.

It’s good to see a little justice be served and the right thing be done. Welcome home Meek, stay out of trouble and drop us some FIRE shit to bang this Summer!!

Check out some videos of Meeks first day out below!

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