Alright, first let me say that I can’t for the life of me understand why R. Kelly is still out here getting the support that he gets from people. There have been so many crazy and creepy allegations toward him for sexual misconduct with young girls, I would have thought that his career would have been over by now. But it’s just something about this man that some of you seem to still love. Let’s see if that remains the same after y’all hear these latest rumors.

So, the latest rumor/allegation regarding R. Kelly has caused some of his team to go ahead and cut ties with the artist. The team members included his long time Lawyer, Linda Mensch, as well as his long time Assistant, Diane Copeland. These two ladies have been working with Kelly for over 10 years so they have been riding with him through everything. However, the airing of BBC Three‘s, R Kelly: Sex, Girls, and Videotapes may have been the straw that broke the camels back when it came to these ladies and their decision to continue to support the R&B Singer.

The documentary that was released showed how R. Kelly kept younger women in his homes (one in Illinois and the other Georgia) and used them as “sex pets”. It is also said that he using mind control over these ladies since they are younger and force them to be in some type of “sex cult”. The latest allegation comes from a lady that was supposedly apart of the cult. She says that Kelly gave her an STD that is incurable.

Ummmm Yikes!! These allegations are just too much and at this point, I feel like we just need to let R. Kelly step in the name of love by his damn self. I mean people like what they like and we can’t fault them for it but this is too much Robert!! I am thoroughly disgusted by these rumors and allegations so I can only imagine how his team feels, especially since they have been holding him down FOREVA!

I guess we will just have to stay tuned and see how this story plays out. Do you still support R. Kelly? You still listening to his music? I mean, he did make some hits but….. I don’t know if I can still rock with him!

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  1. Eww eww ewwwww. This has been been been to much. I almost wonder if people rock with him cause of their on secret disgusting fetishes cause it is not enough money in the world for me to stand by ANYONE that is like That’s some sick shit. He needs to be institutionalized.


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