Oh hey Tammy with yo Fine self!! Have you heard her EP that dropped today titled FATE?! I’m sure you are all familiar with who she is but if you aren’t lets do a quick refresher before we get into the music. Tammy Rivera is the wife of rapper Waka Flocka, who kills shit with the Fashion and now possibly the Music. We were all introduced to Tammy on Love & Hip Hop and if you are like me, then you enjoy this dope soul! Now lets get into the music.


First thing first, Tammy has a bomb voice….. no auto tune or none of that other stuff needed. I mean have you seen the videos of her while she is doing vocal coaching?! Those videos alone can give you chills. The EP FATE had to be made during the time when she split from Waka, or at least that’s what I got from the songs on here. It varied from songs asking why he made the moves he made, then she lets him know that she can definitely do the same thing that he did so don’t get it twisted. She went on to let him know that she will stay down (as you see, they decided not to go through with the divorce) and just wants to let love win.

The song from the EP that you may be most familiar with is “All These Kisses”, which Tammy said went Platinum. That is major, especially for an independent artist so congrats are in order for her! FATE got a lot help from Rico Love, as he was listed as the Executive Producer for the EP. All together, there are 7 tracks featured and they all give you a different type of groove. Tammy is excited about releasing this EP for the fans and the reception is been nothing but positive.

If you didn’t get to listen to the FATE, you can listen below. Let me know if you are feeling it! You think Tammy has a future in the music business?

P.S. Y’all helped take her to the #1 spot!! Good for you Tammy!!

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