Anybody that knows me knows that Breakfast is my thing. Like that is literally the most important meal of the day and that is my cooking specialty (I’ve got mediocre cooking but that’s another story). I feel like my day just isn’t complete without some type of breakfast…. especially if its a good, big, Breakfast. Give me some Bacon, Eggs, and some sort of bread and I am all set. Pork on my fork please, don’t give me no fake bacon….. or shaky bacon….. or light skin bacon…. I need that crunch! All this Breakfast talk leads me into this edition of “Dining in the D”, you definitely want to check this place out!


It’s one of those days that I didn’t feel like cooking breakfast and I wanted to explore the city. I went on a hunt to find a breakfast spot (preferably with Mimosas) and my Hubbs came up with The Dime Store. The name alone had me confused, I’m like why would I wanna go to the store to get breakfast but don’t let the name fool you. The food and workers were Everything, plus more.

The Dime Store is located inside of the Chrysler building in Downtown Detroit. It’s located in a good area so if the weather permits, park and walk so that you can take in some of that Downtown scenery. The restaurant wasn’t large but it wasn’t too small, just the right size. I chose to sit at the kitchen bar cause I’m nosey and I like to be in the mix (I forgot about the fact that my hair and clothes would smell like food) and watch them prepare the food. The dishes in this restaurant went from fancy to basic…. y’all should already know by now that I’m going for the most basic thing on the menu tho. I ordered the Brioche French Toast (you can get it with fresh fruit but I like basic) and I created my own Omelette. Yes it was a lot of food but I had munchies and my brain told me that I could handle it all (I didn’t). My Hubbs had a Breakfast Sandwich and Hashbrowns but the meal came with Salad and I was thoroughly confused by that but he ate it so…. what do I know!

Overall, the food was Amazing to say the least. I stuffed myself and finished everything off with a Peach Mimosa…. a Fresh Mimosa. I don’t like when I go to restaurants and they have the Mimosa’s pre-made in a pitcher. Our waiter opened a new bottle for those Mimosas and they were heavenly (I don’t drink but I’ll have a Mimosa every now and then). The staff was very nice, especially the Kitchen Staff. The kitchen was super clean, the staff had a great order that made the food move out in good time, and they had great personalities. I might have even found the girl version of “Salt Bae” the way that she sprinkled this seasoning on a dish. The cook took the time out to talk to us about the best times to come to the restaurant we even got a complimentary Fruit & Chocolate plate (I was too excited about the Strawberry Rose).


Overall, I say that this was a great experience and of course I will be back…. during the non busy times cause I’m not trying to wait an hour outside or none of that! I recommend trying them out the next time that you are Downtown. They don’t only serve Breakfast either so you can go down for a lunch break as well!


If you’ve tried it before, comment and let me know what your fave dish was from there. If you haven’t tried it yet but will, comment and let me know what you got and how you liked it!

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