Hey Safaree Hey!! I’ve been rocking with him since it was the middle of the Summer and we was still wearing furs BURR (you gotta be a supporter to get it). I don’t care what ANYBODY says, Safaree is Dope all around. A lot of y’all won’t even take the time to give his music a chance cause you made up your mind about him when him and Nicki broke up…… which is super whack by the way. Either way it goes, he is nice with this music ish, check out a freestyle below!

I hate when I hear someone bad mouth a person but doesn’t even give a person a chance. That is what a lot of people do with Safaree….. all because of his previously relationship. However, if you focus on the more important thing, which is the music, then you could see that he’s pretty talented. I mean lets be honest, he was helping Nicki with her music, you can see the influence. You notice how after he left, her music got to lagging…. but I ain’t tryna get y’all panties in a bunch! When you listen to him, you can definitely see that him and Nicki have a very similar style.

Safaree’s music can vary to make you feel good, may make you wanna flex in ya fur, or make you wanna dance. Either way it goes, he drops some pretty hot tracks, you just gotta give him a chance. I just wanted to post this freestyle that he uploaded to his IG account last night. He does some Eggplant and Sex tape talk in this flow…… that definitely caught the ladies attention again! I like that people have been paying homage to Rappers before them, for instance, Safaree doing this flow over Three Six Mafia‘s “Who Run It”. He was wondering should he drop it and I say YES!! What do y’all think?! Also watch his video for “Hunnid” below (I been working on the dance but I got it…. Swish Swish) Comment below!

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