In Ya Ear: Cardi B Drops The New Album ‘Invasion Of Privacy’

Oh, Hey Cardi….. First off, CONGRATS on going Gold the first damn day the album dropped!! You can tell that we been waiting on this album to drop girl! Did you all get a chance to check it out yet? I listened to the album this morning while I cooked breakfast and cleaned up a little and I moved throughout the whole thing. Invasion of Privacy is everything that I imagined it would be, I didn’t have one let down!

I know that the pressure was on for Cardi B. and this album but I feel like she delivered. So far, my top songs are “Bickenhead”, “Ring”, “She Bad”, and “I Like It”. I actually thoroughly enjoyed this whole album, it wasn’t one song that I wanted to skip through. I know a lot of ladies will be able to relate to “Thru Your Phone” and of course “Be Careful” so fellas, just be prepared for excessive videos of these songs, and captions on the pics from these songs. LOL Me personally, my favorite line was from “I Do”….. “Left a nigga on read cause I felt like it”……. Do what you want to do ladies!!

This album also had some pretty dope cameos might I add. Singers Kehlani and SZA made an appearance on the album, as well as super dope rappers, YG and Chance theRapper. Of course you already know that 21 Savage and Migos were apart of Invasion of Privacy as well.

You did it Cardi B!! You came with some fire, you can shut the haters up for now. Now its time for you to really make history seeing as how she will be Co-Hosting with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and that has never happened…. as far as him having a co-host. That show will air on April 9th, we gotta tune in and show love. Also, I can’t wait to catch her on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night. I’m hoping that she will finally reveal the baby bump that we all are so anxious to see. Yes, we are all sure that she is preggars, we are just waiting to be the proud aunties and uncles!!

Listen to Invasion of Privacy below!

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