In Ya Ear: Kendrick Lamar & Dr. Dre?! Get In Here And Listen to This!

Ever wondered what it would be like to get a full mixtape from Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre? Well, you can get little taste with this mashup mixtape presented by DJ Critical Hype. I’ve listened to it and its pretty dope to me! I’m sure all of you super music heads have heard it too though soooo, what did you think about it? You can listen below if you haven’t heard it yet.


The mixtape is titled The DAMN. Chronic and it is a combination of Kendrick Lamar’s crazy flows over Dr. Dre’s classic beats. I gotta admit, I moved the whole time while listening to this (I guess that doesn’t say much since I dance off of anything). You also gotta give props to DJ Critical Hype for putting this type of dopeness together. He is also known for putting out Chance the Dropout which was a mashup of Kanye West and Chance the Rapper.

DJ Critical Hype talked to Pigeons and Planes  about the making of the mixtape and how it just made since to drop it after the first mashup mixtape. He also talked about how it wasn’t easy as he thought it would be making the mixtape stating, “I was determined to make it work, but the truth is it wasn’t easy. A lot of the tempos actually didn’t mix well. It was a lot more work trying to find good mixes. I had to dig deep and make acapellas for about 60 to 70 Kendrick songs and try and find stuff I was happy with.” At the end of it all, he found himself happy with final result saying, “All the hard work and dedication for this project paid off”.

Take a listen to The DAMN. Chronic below!

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