What’s Hawt: Spring Fashion

Hello Spring, I have been waiting for you at the do’! I honestly hate everything about cold weather, especially coats cause you can’t show off your outfits. I live for Spring and Summer…. the bright colors, dresses, florals, sandals….. Yaaasss!! I’ve been checking to see what’s on the menu for Spring/Summer fashion and I was to surprised to see that I had some pieces that were right on point. Ok ladies now lets get in formation!

So the first thing that I noticed that was poppin’ for Spring was Feathers. Feather details on clothes, shoes, and accessories. I’m actually here for this trend, as long as its done in moderation and good taste. I definitely want to try out some shoes, maybe a dress. Check out some options that I was able to find below, and they are all under $50!


Next up, Fringe is in…. are you here for it?! Well I never knew that fringe was not in cause we’ve been rocking it for a while now. You know what they say though, Fashion repeats itself so maybe I just have some good old pieces. Now that I think about it, I had a cute fringe skirt that I got back in 2014. I wore it last year and I haven’t seen it since, WTF! Anywho, I’m sure you all have a good piece with fringes on it. Go ahead and rock em and make sure you do a lil shimmey too! Here are some of my fave fringe looks.

Iridescent Sequins is on the Spring menu, and I’m not talking your normal baby size sequin. I’m talking about the BAM, in your face sequin. I wasn’t here for it….. until I saw the Kimono shown below. It made me feel like, “I can be this extra for a day”! Would you try this trend out?! Check out some dope pics that I found below.

Also trending for the season is Ruffles, mixing Icy Blues & Metallics, and accessories with clear details (you can go for shoes too). I’m sure everyone has at least one piece in their closet so that y’all can participate in one of these trends. Which one are you feeling the most? Have you already tried one of these looks?! Comment and let me know….. matter of fact, tag me in the pic on IG cause I wanna see. My name is @Oh.HeyGayla on there!

Happy Spring Slaying!!


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