No Tea, Just Juice!: Fabolous Is Tryna Break Our Hearts For 2018

Oh naw baby, what is you doing?! These allegations and rumors that are going around about Fabolous and the child of his mother Emily B. are wild to say the least! Fab, you better get in here and clear some things up….. especially with this newest video that just surfaced, we need some answers!!


Of course there is always two sides to a story and this is why I need Fab to speak up. The NY rapper hasn’t said much of anything (maybe he is being advised to keep quiet), especially on social media, which is where people are waiting to hear anything. He did make a post after TMZ dropped the news of him being arrested for domestic violence that read “2018 tryna break my heart”. Nah Fab, I think its the other way around. You trying to break our hearts!!

Funny thing that I’ve noticed is I don’t see people mad at him like they were mad at Chris Brown. I don’t know if its because pictures haven’t been released or what but I definitely feel like he should be persecuted like everyone did Breezy. I mean technically we have a video and Fab is swinging that knife around like a mad man. The video makes it worst because you can hear kids screaming in the background, which means that this foolishness is happening right in front of their children.

It’s honestly all a sad situation and I hope that they can come to some type of resolution….. if not for them, the kids for sure. Fab and Emily B share two boys and they seem to have a tight knit family (despite all of Fab’s creeping rumors). I hope that some of these details have been blown out of proportion but we will never know until the whole story drops.

Oh Fab…… *slaps forehead* I’m sorry this happened to Emily. Who recorded this video though?! I got hella questions!



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