Dining in the D: “Royale with Cheese Edition”

I gotta admit, I have been pretty thirsty to try this restaurant since I’ve heard about it. I think that I was more so interested in seeing the painting of John Travolta and Samuel Jackson on the wall inside of the restaurant (it’s theme is from the movie Pulp Fiction). If you are a burger person, you definitely want to try this one!


So, the restaurant is located in the Wayne State area and its a small, but neat place. It’s surrounded by other restaurants, shopping, and more so you definitely can park and walk around if the weather permits. When I walked inside, the first thing that caught my eye was this little creepy lady monster statue that stood at the entrance off to the side. I’m like a scary kid with a wild imagination and I swore that she was watching me (no LOL). The menu was fairly simple with a variety of burgers, and since I’m picky, I went with the most basic one that I could find. Two things that I liked the most about the menu options: They only offered turkey bacon and there were different flavor options for your fries. I chose to go with the Herb and Parmesan fries and they were BOMB, but I’ll be back for that Cajun flavor next time. I liked that the burgers had some fancy toppings, even though I wouldn’t dare try any of them. LOL

Overall, the food was great and I will definitely be back, especially cause the Milkshakes looked heavenly. If you are going here on a date and trying to be cute girl, I gotta warn you, the burger is messy soooo, either go for what you know or play it safe and get you a salad (yes they have other things besides burgers). Check out some of the pictures below and let me know if you’ve been there before or if you are going to go!


One comment

  1. Hey Gayla! I love this !
    Haven’t been yet , but now I have a taste for a milkshake. That Lil monster is scary and funny . Thanks for the recommendation!


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