Dining In The D: “Calexico Edition”

Heeey y’all! You ready for some good eats around the city? Well lets kick it off with Calexico located in Downtown Detroit, in the Campus Martius area. Its a cool area, with a very dope ambiance.

So, like I stated in the description of “Dining in the D”, I am very picky so I definitely will be bringing dates along with me to these restaurants. When I suggested this restaurant for a lunch meet up with my business bestie, she was slightly hesitant and said that the service was sub par. Of course I like to be the judge of things so I insisted that she gave them another chance, especially so I could share the deets with y’all!


When we entered the restaurant, I was drawn in to the interior design. There were unique lamps, pictures and trinkets on the wall, and a hella bomb bar (I’m not a drinker so it wasn’t the drinks, just the overall layout of the bar that excited me). We were sat immediately when we walked in and we didn’t have to wait long for the waiter. I will admit, the waiter wasn’t very waiter-like. There was a point when we actually had to look for him, he literally went ghost. If I had to grade the service, I’d give a C-. Lets get to the good part though…. the food!

So, my BB ordered the Chile-Cilantro Fries for an appetizer and I was hesitant to try them but then I thought, how wrong can you go with french fries?! They came with a dipping sauce that looked like ketchup but it tasted slightly tangier….. it had umph to it. The fries were good but I was weirded out about eating fries in a Mexican restaurant, I can’t lie! LOL I ended up ordering a Chicken Bowl trying to keep it light, while my BB ordered some HUGE Burrito that looked amazing, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have eaten what was inside of it. My chicken bowl was good, however, the beans were overwhelming. I also forgot to pick the bean so they gave me refried pinto beans (I try to avoid sending my food back) and I wanted to barf. The meal was okay for me, but it was definitely worth the price.

Overall, the restaurant was cool and I would consider coming back in the Summer so that it can be more open. Hopefully next time I’ll get a waiter that actually cares about getting that tip! If you go check it out, let me know how you liked it. You can message me on social media or tag me to your pics! Enjoy!!

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