In Ya Ear: LaBritney & Kash Doll Drop A New Song

Detroit, whas good!! Two of baddest ladies out of the city in the music game teamed up to give us a new track titled “Actin Funny” and it definitely could be a hit!


First off, if you aren’t familiar with who LaBritney is, you can get familiar by simply checking the hashtag #LaMix on Instagram. She is super talented so I don’t know if I want to just box her in as a singer. LaBritney is more of an entertainer considering that she does it all! The girl can dance her ass off, she got some bars if you need her to drop a few, and her voice is hella bomb. She is definitely a triple threat to say the least. She has a few hot songs and she’s just added another to the roster, just in time to welcome us into the Spring season. The newest track is titled “Actin Funny” and I can definitely see this being a theme song for a few!

The singer called on fellow Detroiter and Girl Boss, rapper Kash Doll to drop even more Hawtness to the track. Of course Kash Doll did her normal boss talk, but it wouldn’t be right if she didn’t. She’s reminds me of a female version of Ross, she always gonna talk that cash sh*t, reminding you that she’s gonna shine regardless. I love the way she flexes though, keeps her foot on they neck at all times! Kash Doll is making some moves, I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

“Actin Funny” is gonna be a Summer anthem, I can just see it now. Detroit in general got eyes on us and we are bout to show out. Y’all are about to see a lot of the talent that we have very soon and I can’t wait for y’all to witness it. Been sleeping on us too long, time to turn the pillow over to the cool side!

Check out “Actin Funny” below and let me know if you are feeling it as much as I am!

“Actin’ Funny”

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