And so it begins……

My oh my, it has been a long time coming but we are here!! Let me start off by introducing myself and giving you a little bit of my back story. My name is Gayla and I have been a freelance writer for about 10 years. I’ve written for blogs/sites such as Diva Style Mag (online magazine), AMP Media TV (entertainment blog) and my most recent gig was at I thoroughly enjoy Fashion and Entertainment (you know girls just wanna talk about partying and fashion) and sharing stories about those topics bring me a joy that is unexplained. I like to be in the know, I like to give my opinions, I like to feel y’all in on what’s going and most importantly, I like to kick that sh*t so I hope you all are down to do the same!

As far as this blog goes, we will be talking all things Fashion and Entertainment. Of course I will touch on other topics, and I will get back to Vlogging so that you all can join me on some fun excursions that I plan on taking. Since I am from Detroit and we sometimes…. ahem….. all the time get negative light shed on the city, I’m gonna show y’all some Bomb ish that goes down in my town. I want you to talk back to me though, I like to feel like y’all involved in this thang with me. The site will also be featuring some of the readers (Hawtee of the Moment) for some of the segments so if you would like to be apart of anything once I am fully launched, I’ll be sure to give you the contact info or just follow my social media pages and slide in my DM’s.

By the end of February, the site should be fully launched, up and running!! Thank you for your continuous support, words of encouragement, sharing of my stories, and so much more. Half the time some of y’all believed in me way more than I believed in myself, I really appreciate y’all for that!! Let’s get this sh*t (yes I have a slight potty mouth but you already know that if you have been rocking with me)!


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